Contributions to Baskerville

Work is progressing on the first issue of Baskerville for some time, under the editorial control of Jonathan Webley. For the upcoming issue, Jonathan is very much finding his way with what is required: he hopes to provide some Guidelines for Authors in due course. But that doesn’t mean that potential contributors should wait before sending in draft articles. Ideas or indeed articles are encouraged by e-mail to Articles on any area of TeX or related topics are very welcome: the Committee is particularly keen to publish user articles with a UK “flavour”.

We will be using a Creative Commons license for Baskerville contributions. This makes most sense both for UK-TUG and authors, and reflects the open nature of TeX. More details can of course be obtained from Jonathan. Publication of articles in Baskerville won’t cost you anything, with the flip side being that you won’t make anything either (other than a warm glow from contributing to the community!).