This page contains a number of templates for new LaTeX users, focussed on specific tasks. The templates are fully commented to aid understanding of the ideas used. Most of the templates are based on the standard LaTeX classes (article, report, book and letter). New templates are very welcome. ConTeXt users are best searching the ConTeXt wiki (a great source for ConTeXt information of all sorts). Some of these examples use our example CSV database.

Accounts summary

A simple one-page summary of accounts for a small voluntary organisation, based on the layout used to present the UK-TUG accounts. View the PDF or get the source here.

Compliment slip

A compliment slip template, designed to be printed onto A4 paper before cutting off the relevant part. This is based on an original design by Dr Dick Nickalls. The source and an example PDF are available.

E-mail directory

Membership lists for groups, departments and so on can be created easily using data from a spreadsheet or database if it is exported as a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The email directory template uses the example CSV Database to show how to generate an e-mail list. The result is available as an example PDF.

Letters and mail merging

Writing letters in LaTeX is hindered by the somewhat awkward layout of the standard letter class. This template takes the standard class and modifies it to provide a more modern and flexible layout. The source of the template and an example PDF are both available.

Mail-merging data into letters is a common LaTeX task. Data for this is most conveniently stored in CSV (comma-separated value) format, which can be exported by spreadsheets such as Excel and A mail merge template file for this process is available, which uses our example CSV database along with an example PDF.

Sometimes, you may want to simply create labels for a mailing, either with a custom letter or a bulk mailing. For this, we have prepared a simple label merge template, suitable for printable sticky labels. As with the other examples, this uses our example CSV database and there is an example PDF available.

Ph.D. Thesis

A range of templates and advice can be found on the dedicated thesis page.