Directory template

A new file has been added to the template page: an e-mail directory. This is based on the source of the recent UK-TUG Membership Directory, but generalised and with different source information! It uses the datatool package to load a membership list from a comma-separated value file, and then formats it appropriately.


Membership directory

UK-TUG maintains a membership directory, containing names and e-mail addresses of members who are happy for these details to be shared. Members of UK-TUG who have asked to receive the list should find it in their e-mail inboxes today. If you were expecting to receive the directory but did not, please contact

Baskerville: Editor appointed

After some years in hibernation, the Committee have recently decided to revive the UK-TUG journal Baskerville. As a first step, we are very pleased to announce that Jonathan Webley has been elected by the committee as Editor of Baskerville. Planning is still at an early stage, but we would welcome ideas (or indeed articles) for publication. The e-mail address for the editor


Change of webmaster

Joseph Wright has agreed to take over formal webmaster duties for the UK-TUG website. The previous webmaster, David Crossland, contiues in his important role as Secretary of UK-TUG. The Committee thank David for his efforts with the website in the past, and look forward to contiued success with a new person in the hotseat! Of course, the site will not change: all of the Committee are committed to communicating with…