Training new users in using (La)TeX is vital for the continued health of the TeX community. Within the UK, there are several people who provide such training, with varying degrees of formality. To enable potential users to find training, and to help trainers interact with each other, we are collecting both contact information and useful documents here.

The Training Network

A number of members of UK-TUG have some experience, formal or informal, in providing (La)TeX training. Prospective trainees and other ‘TeX trainers’ can take advantage of this contact information. Their (usual) locations are also listed.

University training information

A number of universities have training courses, which tend to be aimed at new users.

Imperial College

A beginners course covering the reasons to use LaTeX, the philosophy of using LaTeX, writing journal articles and so on. The course fee is £50; the next course is scheduled for May 2009 (7th and 8th).

University of Bath

This course is short introduction to LaTeX aimed at postgraduate students at the University of Bath. The course covers structuring a document, typesetting mathematics, creating tables, including graphics, creating a bibliography directly and by using BibTeX, using the baththesis style file to typeset a thesis and creating presentations using the seminar and beamer packages. The course is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to these areas but does equip the students with the basic knowledge required to delve deeper into these areas if their work requires. The course consists of eight workshops (one per week) and runs in semester one, usually from mid October until mid December. Postgraduate students who are interested in the course can sign up using the link on the course website.

See also the full list of courses on the university website (look under “L”).

University of Cambridge

The university offers two courses, one for LaTeX beginners and a second practical session as a follow on. The course notes are available on-line; the availablity of the course is outlined here.

University of Manchester

The university offers a beginners TeX and LaTeX course, with the training material available on-line. The course is free for members of the university, with external training charged at £275.

University of Nottingham

Nottingham provides a course on LaTeX for graduate students of the university. Information on the course is only available to current students at Nottingham.

University of Sussex

James Hirschfeld is the “LaTeX trainer” in the Maths department at Sussex. His training slides for 2008 are available online.