Membership directory

UK-TUG maintains a membership directory, containing names and e-mail addresses of members who are happy for these details to be shared. Members of UK-TUG who have asked to receive the list should find it in their e-mail inboxes today. If you were expecting to receive the directory but did not, please contact

BachoTeX 2009: Call for Papers

The first call for papers for BachoTeX 2009 arrived in the UK-TUG Committee inbox this week. BachoTeX 2009 — Call for Papers Dear TeXies, TeX friends and lovers of fine typography — This is an invitation to BachoTeX 2009, the XVIIth Polish TeX Users Group Conference. As usual, it will be held at the traditional TeXies’ and GUST meeting place, Bachotek near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland, from April…

Living and Working with LaTeX

The Committee are slowly organising older information on the web server, which is not currently visible. The first set of useful files to be sorted out are slides from the 2006 Living and Working with LaTeX workshop. The following slides are available: Jonathan Fine: Avoiding problems, Solving problems, Asking for help, and the handout version Peter Flynn: Sorry, Professor, the dog ate my thesis, and the handout version Nicola Talbot:…

EuroTeX 2009 Meeting

EuroTeX 2009 takes place this year in Holland in late August/early September. The focus of the meeting is on Educational uses of TeX (such as manuals and teaching materials). The fee for UK-TUG members is €350, which includes everything except the excursion day (which costs €75). In particular it includes accommodation and meals. If you book and pay before February 1st there is a €100 discount (and possibly a better…

Membership for 2009

All existing UK TUG memberships are carried through to 2009 at no charge once the member confirms their continuing membership to For people who would like to join UK TUG, the 2009 Membership Joining Form is available on-line in PDF format and a TeX source. For current UK-TUG/TUG members, the 2009 Renewal Membership Form is available on-line in PDF format and a TeX source.