Consultant wanted: The Open University

The Committee has received a message from the Open University (OU). As many UK-TUG members will know, the OU is a long standing centre of TeX use in the UK. They are now looking for a TeX consultant for their system. A review of TeX at The Open University The Open University wants expert advice and an outside view on how it should develop its system and workflow for the…

“LaTeX” featured on WikiBooks

For those in search of good quality LaTeX resources on-line, the LaTeX Wikibook is currently a “featured” title on the Wikibooks site. To quote the site: LaTeX is a featured book on Wikibooks because it contains substantial content, it is well-formatted, and the Wikibooks community has decided to feature it on the main page or in other places.


How would you like your Baskerville?

We’re making progress on an issue of Baskerville (many thanks to the editor, Jonathan Webley). The details for distribution are being finalised at the moment: we currently expect to send it electronically to all members and to post an A4 version as well. In the future, we’re expecting to have an “opt-in” approach to the printed edition, with everyone receiving the PDF version. Feel free to contact the Committee with…

JISC funding workshops on e-content and digitisation

We have an opportunity to advance and improve the mathematical use of TeX in the UK. JISC supports education and research in the UK by promoting innovation in new technologies. They have recently announced funding for workshops to discuss issues related to e-content and digitisation. Their announcement gives mathematical journals as an example. This is part of a larger program. For example, their Scholarly Communications Working Group have commissioned and…


TeX at UK Unix Users’ Group Summer Meeting

The UK Unix Users’ Group Summer Meeting (Birmingham, Friday 7th to Sunday 9th August) will have a half-day TeX stream. Joseph Wright (UK-TUG Webmaster) and Jonathan Fine (UK-TUG Chair) hope to give talks there. There may also be some TeX training. If you’d like to attend (or even give a talk) do get in touch with UK-TUG and/or UKUUG. Many thanks to Niall Mansfield, who’s done a lot to make…


TUG 2009: Call for papers

In the UK-TUG inbox recently was a mail from Karl Berry (TUG President) with information about upcoming deadlines for TUG 2009 in Notre Dame, Indiana. Karl said: TUG 2009 will take place in Notre Dame, Indiana, from July 28–31. See for the registration form, maps, the proposals already accepted, and more. April has several deadlines related to the conference: April 13: deadline for abstract submissions; see for the…

Contributions to Baskerville

Work is progressing on the first issue of Baskerville for some time, under the editorial control of Jonathan Webley. For the upcoming issue, Jonathan is very much finding his way with what is required: he hopes to provide some Guidelines for Authors in due course. But that doesn’t mean that potential contributors should wait before sending in draft articles. Ideas or indeed articles are encouraged by e-mail to Articles…

Directory template

A new file has been added to the template page: an e-mail directory. This is based on the source of the recent UK-TUG Membership Directory, but generalised and with different source information! It uses the datatool package to load a membership list from a comma-separated value file, and then formats it appropriately.


Membership directory

UK-TUG maintains a membership directory, containing names and e-mail addresses of members who are happy for these details to be shared. Members of UK-TUG who have asked to receive the list should find it in their e-mail inboxes today. If you were expecting to receive the directory but did not, please contact