AGM Feedback

Reporting to Members For UK-TUG to remain relevant it is critical that the Committee, through consultation with the members, identifies future needs of the members. The Committee would welcome and encourage your thoughts on this matter. In particular what do you regard as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for UK-TUG as an organization. What do you want to see the organization doing in the coming years? Future Directions At…


Membership for 2009

All existing UK TUG memberships are carried through to 2009 at no charge once the member confirms their continuing membership to For people who would like to join UK TUG, the 2009 Membership Joining Form is available on-line in PDF format and a TeX source. For current UK-TUG/TUG members, the 2009 Renewal Membership Form is available on-line in PDF format and a TeX source.

AGM 2008

The Annual General Meeting took place on Saturday 22nd November at UCL. A number of reports were presented at the meeting, which are available here: Minutes of the 2007 AGM Chair’s Report 2008 Accounts 2007–08 Treasurer’s Report 2007–08 Membership Secretary’s Report 2007–08 Webmaster’s Report 2007–08


UK-TUG Project Funding Report

UK-TUG had a sum of £5000 available for supporting TeX related projects, made available by a motion passed by its members. To that end, we set up a sub-committee to identify projects that the members would like to support. The sub-committee comprises: Jonathan Fine, Jonathan Underwood, David Saunders and David Crossland. We invited applications for support of projects, which were circulated to all members for comment, and will report on…