Notice of 2013 AGM

The 2013 UK-TUG AGM will be held on Saturday 9th November at 14:00. The meeting will take place as part of the UK-TUG Speaker meeting at Trinity
College, Oxford. The committee hope that as members as possible will be able to attend the AGM and the Speaker meeting.

Elections for the committee

The term of all committee members with the exception of the Chair expires at the end of the AGM. Anyone who wishes to stand should contact the Secretary at any time before the AGM. Most of the business of the committee is carried out electronically, so a remote location should be no barrier.

Nominations require support of a member of UK-TUG in other than the candidate themselves. This has to be received by the Secretary prior to
the formal start of the AGM. In case of difficulty in finding a member to support nomination, please contact the committee.

Note that the UK-TUG Chair is elected for a two year period, and our current Chair (Simon Dales) is half-way through his term. He therefore continues as Chair for a second year with no election required.

Motions for the AGM

Any member may submit a motion to the AGM. Motions should be sent to the Secretary, and should be received by 23:59
on Friday 25th October. Motions and supporting documentation will be circulated on Sunday 27th October. Voting on motions will be possible by proxy for members not able to attend the AGM. Full details will be given with the motions when circulated.