Notice of Special Electronic General Meeting

The Committee has called a Special Electronic General Meeting (SEGM) of UK-TUG, to run from 29/11/2010 (00:01) to 05/12/2010 (23:59), inclusive. Attendance of members at the recent AGM was not sufficient to hold a formal vote on the motions put to that meeting, and an SEGM is therefore being held to allow voting to take place.


Three motions are to be considered at the SEGM:

  1. That this meeting approves the accounts for 2009–10.
  2. That this meeting delegates authority to appoint an inspector for the 2010–11 accounts to the Committee, who shall decide after taking advice from the Treasurer.
  3. That the membership fee for 2011 be £10 for all individual members (apart from life members), and that there be no additional entrance fee.

As previously detailed, these motions are all necessary for the day to day administration of UK-TUG. At the AGM, informal discussion about all three took place and the members present indicated their support for all of the motions.


Discussion at the SEGM should take place on the ‘announce’ mailing list ( Messages posted by members to this list concerning the SEGM will be sent out to all members.


Voting on the motions for the SEGM will take place by members posting to the ‘committee’ e-mail address ( In contrast to discussion e-mails, these votes will only be seen by the committee. For each motion, members should indicate whether they are voting FOR, AGAINST a motion, or ABSTAIN from voting. Votes will only be counted if received by the Committee via during the time frame of the SEGM.

Start of the SEGM

An e-mail will be sent to the ‘announce’ list the day before the SEGM starts. This will include a voting form for the three motions to be considered.