AGM Meeting: Sign up for FLOSS!

This year the AGM meeting will be a bit different. It will be part of the FLOSS Unconference, which takes place in Birmingham on Saturday 16th October. You don’t need to book, just to turn up is enough. The Uncoference starts at 9.30.

At the start of the day everyone gets up in turn and says who they are, what their interests are, and what they’d like to do. Based on this we get topics and then a schedule for the day.

We’ll be sharing the unconference with local Linux user groups, Birmingham Permongers, PyCon UK (Python) and the West Midlands Ruby User Group. (FLOSS stands for free/libre/open source software.)

So if you’re interested, please visit our wiki page on the FLOSS site and tell us who you and and what you’d like to do. If you’ve got a talk to give the Committee can probably help with travel expenses, so just ask.