AGM 2009: 14th November, UCL, London

This is to give you formal notice of the 2009 Annual General Meeting of the UK TeX Users Group, and to tell you about submitting motions and standing for the Committee.

Information about the Speaker Meeting taking place at the same time is will be posted here shortly, and will also be circulated separately.

We will be sending out Accounts for 2008-09 and officers reports shortly, and also be posting these to the website.

Date, time and location of AGM

The AGM will take place on Saturday 14nd November, from 2 pm to 3 pm. If further time is required, the Committee expects the AGM will decide to adjourn until 5 pm.

The AGM will take place at:
Physics and Astronomy, Room E7
University College London
London (walking distance from Euston)

All members are entitled to attend the AGM, and without charge.

Standing for the Committee

Under the Constitution (clause 17(5)), all members of the Committee apart from the Chair retire at the start of the AGM, and can stand for re-election. The Chair was elected last year for a two year term, and so there is no election for Chair this year.

Nominations for the Committee must be received before the formal start of the AGM: there is no notice period. The signature of the candidate and a proposer are required for a valid nomination.

Please consider joining the Committee, and do contact me or the committee if you would like more information, or would like one of us to nominate you (

Submitting motions to the AGM

Any member wishing to submit a motion to the AGM should do so by writing or by e-mail to the Secretary, to arrive by the 31st of October (i.e. 14 days before the AGM, as required by clause 10(5) of the constitution).

A seconder is not required to submit a motion.

Writing to the Secretary

Please contact the Secretary, David Crossland, by e-mail in the first instance to check on postal arrangements, particularly in view of the ongoing strike action at Royal Mail.