TUG 2010

Planning for TUG 2010 is already under way. In the UK-TUG inbox this morning was this message from Karl Berry:

The upcoming TUG 2010 conference will be held in in San Francisco, California, USA, from June 28–30, 2010. We are still finalizing the exact venue, but wanted to announce the dates now that they are firm.

Since 2010 is TeX’s 32nd birthday, the Grand Wizard has graciously
agreed to participate. In addition to Dr. Knuth, many of the other
original Stanford TeX project members, including David Fuchs,
John Hobby, Michael Plass, Oren Patashnik, Tom Rokicki, and
Luis Trabb-Pardo plan to be present.

We will be scheduling several activities for the final day (June 30),
including the conference banquet, to honor the work of the Stanford TeX project and celebrate TeX’s 32nd anniversary.

The call for papers, registration form, and other details will be posted
as soon as we know them, at: