UKUUG tutorials and Summer Conference, 7-9 August 2009

UK-TUG are running a half-day session at the UKUUG meeting in Birmingham next month. The full publicity material is now out:

Come to Summer 2009 – the UK’s Open Systems Conference – where both
developers and users of Free Libre and Open Source get together to
swap knowledge and learn about the latest happenings in the Free
Software world.

The venue is the The Conservatoire, Birmingham City University, B3
3HG, England. The Conservatoire is in the centre of Britain’s Second
City within walking distance of major train and coach stations and
hotels at all price ranges.

UKUUG conferences have the highest signal to noise ratio of the UK’s
open system conferences. As well as useful talks and tutorials there
is a healthy social scene outside the talk sessions where you will
make new friends as well as renew old acquaintances. With a central
location in the centre of the country it is really easy to get to and
accommodation at all price levels is available within a short walk of
the conference venue.

With special rates for students everyone can afford to go, so mark
Summer 2009 in your diaries now! Full details are at:

We have five great tutorials, on Friday 7-Aug:

T1. Getting into Drupal – full day
Tutors: Peter Brownell and Robert Castelo, Code Positive Ltd.

T2. Arduino Introductory Workshop – full day
Tutor: Andrew Eliasz, First Technology Transfer

T3. Introduction to LaTeX – half-day workshop
Tutors: Jonathan Fine, Joseph Wright, Alun Moon

T4. Getting to Know the GIMP – full day
Tutor: Neil Woolford (professional photographer)

T5. Getting started with Voice over IP (VoIP) – full day workshop
Tutor: Quentin Wright

Talks, on Saturday and Sunday, 8/9-Aug:

Keynote: Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge:
“Why security engineering will just keep on getting harder”

Moblin – The Netbook GUI. Michael Meeks, Novell
Mobile Phones, Security and Open Source: Make a Difference. Craig Heath, Symbian Foundation
OpenMoko – a nearly completely open GSM phone. Tom Yates, Gatekeeper Technology Ltd.
Making Exim talk to an LDAP directory server. Jan-Piet Mens
Converting 16,000 user mailboxes from MBOX to Maildir++. Ian Norton & Paul Tipper:
Bayesian statistics and e-mail filtering. Yann Golanski
Winning the war on spam. Ian Eiloart
Free as in profit: Free software fonts. Dave Crossland
The GNUspool printer management system. John Pinner and John Collins
The Dichotomy of Open Source and Computer Games. Steven Goodwin
Eiffel and C. Howard Thomson
Advanced LVM. Chris Procter
Open Street Map. Ciaran Mooney
LinuxIT a case study in implementing Nagios network management. Bill Quinn
TeX and LaTeX rejoining the mainstream. Jonathan Fine
Mer – Touching Linux. David Greaves
PostgreSQL 8.4: Setting the Standard. Simon Riggs
The future of open source operational support systems in the telecommunications industry. Dr. Craig Gallen
Shared-memory Multithreading Is The Wrong Way To Do Parallelism. Dr Russel Winder, Concertant LLP
Experiences optimising the Xapian Search Engine. Richard Boulton
Mashing Up the Guardian: How to get access to Guardian news content. Michael Brunton-Spall
MPs’ Expenses – an Op’s Eye View: Paul Nasrat