(La)TeX training at the UK Unix Users’ Group Summer Meeting

Planning is ongoing for a (La)TeX training session at the UK Unix Users’ Group Summer Meeting in Birmingham. Our earlier post gave initial details, but we are now making progress on the detail. The tutorial sessions are on Friday, the 7th of August. We are expecting to have a session in the morning (from 09:00 to about 13:30), and our abstract at the moment reads:

Introduction to LaTeX

A tutorial by given by members of the UK TeX Users Group. The tutorial will begin with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of TeX and LaTeX, and then move on to more advanced topics. The tutors are likely to include one or both of

  • Jonathan Fine: UK-TUG chair and developer of MathTran
  • Joseph Wright: UK-TUG webmaster and member of the LaTeX3 project

We are currently asking prominent UK TeX training experts if they can attend to help lead the session. We’re also keen to get the content right: please let us know if there is a topic we should include.