Opinions on LaTeX books: meeting next week

Niall Mansfield has been in touch with the Committee, looking for some input on the potential for getting a number of LaTeX books in German translated in English. The general topics of the books are:

  1. LaTeX reference
  2. Maths with LaTeX
  3. Tables with LaTeX
  4. PSTricks
  5. KOMA-Script

Niall is hoping to to get input into three general questions:

  1. Is this a useful book for the (La)TeX world?
  2. What sort of demand would there be? (This isn’t scientific: “wow, lots of people would need this” or “great book, but nobody is likely to buy it because …” is the sort of granularity that’s OK.)
  3. How long would this book last before a new edition is likely to be:
    • desirable
    • essential

After some discussion with the Committee, Niall has agree to take the books along to the regular The Tech Pub Crawl this Tuesday (the 5th of May). Niall will be at the The Marketplace Bar, 11 Marketplace, London W1W 8AH from about 6 p.m. (nearest tube Oxford Circus). Anyone wishing to get hold of Niall directly should e-mail the Committee.