JISC funding workshops on e-content and digitisation

We have an opportunity to advance and improve the mathematical use of TeX in the UK.

JISC supports education and research in the UK by promoting innovation in new technologies. They have recently announced funding for workshops to discuss issues related to e-content and digitisation. Their announcement gives mathematical journals as an example.

This is part of a larger program. For example, their Scholarly Communications Working Group have commissioned and published a report Key Concerns within the Scholarly Communication Process, which is likely to interest many UK users of TeX.

Up to £8,000 is available for each workshop. The deadline for proposals (which must be from a Higher Education institution in the UK) is Friday 8th May. If you’d like to attend such a workshop, or think that your employer might like to submit a TeX related proposal, please contact the Committee as soon as possible. Jonathan Fine, UK-TUG Chair, has suggested that he ccould ask his employer, The Open University, to submit a proposal related to mathematical content, but that he iswilling to defer to another institution. Obvious, we are keen to have the best proposals we can available.